Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Night & Fog

Karl Schumacher is a major in the SS whose job it is to select those prisoners arriving at Sachsenhausen concentration camp who will be worked to death or shot.  He is also a homosexual who must hide his proclivity or face a fate similar to his selectees.  A surprisingly tender liaison with a young gypsy begins to turn Karl from his Nazi loyalties and he hatches a plan to escape.

Night and Fog has a few issues.  The homosexual sex scenes are not gratuitously depicted—for which I was grateful—but the conversion of the gypsy boy seemed much too easy.  There are several historical errors, anachronisms and illogical events that should have been avoided.  The dialogue is unconvincing and occasionally sounds too much like twenty-first century American English.  It is however, an interesting and sometimes thoughtful look at the Holocaust from a different perspective.

149,760 Words
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