Monday, July 27, 2015

Go Set a Watchman

Jean Louise Finch, AKA Scout, returned to Maycomb County, Alabama, for her annual summer visit and it doesn’t take her long to scandalize the place.  Aunty Alexandra is aghast over the gossip flying around town that Jean Louise and childhood sweetheart, Hank, went skinny-dipping at Finch’s Landing.  Atticus Finch, now in his seventies and plagued by arthritis, with his fabled even demeanor, observes that her dress is wrinkled from recently drying.  After church Atticus and Hank head for downtown to attend the Citizens’ Council meeting.  Jean Louise is dumbstruck.  She sneaks into the colored loft of the courthouse, as she had done so many times, and eavesdrops on the proceedings.  Dumbstruck turns to horrorstruck when she hears the rantings of a white supremacist who her father had just introduced.  The turmoil  of the birth of the civil rights era is Scout’s coming of age moment and not in any happy way.

If Harper Lee were not a great writer she should still win acclaim for choosing great titles.  Go Set a Watchman is of course the long lost sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, but it is not quite on par with that sixty-year-old classic.  Although oozing with wisdom and elegant phrasing, some parts are dense and obtuse.  I found myself rereading passages, and more than once, failing to grasp the intent of the words.  A few sentences I just did not understand at all.  Whereas To Kill a Mockingbird is written in first person, Go Set a Watchman is an odd mix of all three persons, sometimes within a single paragraph.  This reader, at least, has the impression that this manuscript was rushed to publication and that it would benefit from more judicious editing.  Nevertheless, it is a vital piece of work not to be missed.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Flashman and Madison's War

Captain Thomas Flashman was a self-confessed coward.  He unwittingly found himself fighting the upstart Americans alongside of Iroquois warriors on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes during the war of 1812—Madison’s War.  Although cowardly, Flashman was cunning and managed to present himself in a good light to superior officers.  This has the unfortunate effect of keeping him on the front lines.  While trying to prevent an enraged warrior from cleaving his skull with a tomahawk, he accidentally converts the savage Indian into a faithful friend who watches his back and spares him from numerous life threatening encounters.  Simultaneously the tide of the war in America turned against the British and the European conflict with France suddenly ended.  This happy news meant that Continental troops would soon relieve the beleaguered British forces in Canada.  Flashman saw a route home to England.  But his hopes were cruelly dashed and he returned to the solace of the Mennonite girl who he rescued from an abusive husband more than twice her age.

Flashman and Madison’s War is an easygoing book that I originally branded as slow, but I persevered and soon fell into the story’s pace.  The character Flashman is an engaging creation who will set his own hook in reader’s interest.  His unabashed self-assessment that he is a cowardly lying opportunist who wants nothing more than to stay alive and enjoy living to the fullest, quickly endears him to the reader.  Robert Brightwell has retold an obscure part of an obscure war from a British point of view with remarkable accuracy and detail through the eyes of a fictional character with real charm.  This is the fifth installment in a series of Flashman’s memoirs.  It stands alone but some may prefer to start at the beginning.

120,000 Words
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Still Read Paperbacks?

I have been remiss.  I forget to tell you that Alien Affairs is now available in paperback from Createspace.  Unfortunately paper is a lot more expensive than kilobytes.  Nevertheless, if that's your thing, click this link.

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If you buy it from Amazon the price is the same but I get a much smaller cut.  Amazon owns Createspace so figure that out.

Here is another five star review by British writer, Theresa Dawn Sinclair.  Thanks, Dawn.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant! Highly recommended!!
27 April 2015

By theresa dawn sinclair
Verified Purchase

Alien Affairs is not the first Scott Skipper book I
have read but it is definitely my favourite. From the beginning, I was
intrigued as to the direction in which Scott would take the Roswell story,
having read other stories that mentioned the place and having watched the
entire series of Roswell on TV. Let me make it quite clear, THIS one is
different. ALIEN AFFAIRS is sci-fi at its best. There is enough techno info to
make it believable and plenty of down-home incredulity from the characters to
make it credible.

Without wishing to spoil anything, the developing
relationship between our heroine Carrie and a character called Deshler is as
romantic as it is unusual. They have a magical spark missing in so many
in-your-face romances despite the fact that from beginning to end she calls him
names like "deceptive bastard". The rest of the characters provide
much amusement, especially the never seen, never named president of the USA.

It is rare for me to say "I couldn't put this
down" because, for one thing, in general I read books in less time than it
takes most people to read a comic. However, this time, I have to say, I
genuinely did not want to stop page turning and just knew the end would be
brilliant. It is. Stick with it however long it takes you....the ending is a

Couldn't recommend this higher. It's different, it's



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Attention Big Spenders!

Alien Affairs will be free at Amazon Thursday, April 30, thru Saturday.

See what Burt Boyar, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author said:

5.0 out of 5 stars FABULOUS.
April 27, 2015

Verified Purchase

This wonderful book begins with an alien air craft, a
flying saucer, crashing somewhere on an American ranch land.. Three of the crew
were dead, one survived and was found holding an unknown device that today
would resemble a Kindle. The language on it was totally unknown. The government
called in a linguist who spoke eight languages. He was able to decipher the
words and their meaning because the device taught the holder how to understand
it by showing pictures along with their meaning verbally. Only this one man
could understand the alien text and he passed on his knowledge to his niece
before dying, leaving her as the only person on earth to be able to understand
their misión and to speak with them. The aliens claimed to have created mankind
millions of years ago and now found it useless and planned to end our existence
by attrition, spreading a gas that would eliminate all human’s ability to procreate,
therefore removing us without killing anyone, just letting us die off. The
author fascinates in telling with details such as the Space Station with our
and Russia's astronauts has 5 or 6 hookers aboard for obvious reasons, surely
$5000 a night caliber. He writes with such attention to military detail and
with frequent sly humor that it is a book one literally cannot put down. And I
didn't. Nor will you. I am very good at spending other people's money so I urge
you to BUY THIS BOOK. I did and I congratulate myself on my good judgment.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Contact Us

Two alien craft approach Earth. One hovers ominously near the orbit of Jupiter while the other descends boldly into the atmosphere and commences to encircle the planet from pole to pole. Within days seventy percent of the population is dead. In a video announcement the sole alien aboard the spherical ship addresses the survivors via video in the guise of Walter Cronkite. He claims that he going to save the human race and destroying most of it was just part of the plan. The president’s top aide, Charli Keller, lures renowned troubleshooter, Jake Corby, from self-imposed exile. Jake never minces words and soon incites the alien to unleash an electro-magnetic pulse over Washington destroying all electronic devises within a twenty-one hundred mile radius. While the world struggles to survive, twin geniuses, Alex and Martin puzzle over alien blueprints that Cronkite has uploaded to WikiLeaks. Will the diagrams yield a sufficiently potent weapon to destroy the alien who vows to rule the world?

Every time Contact Us veers into the absurd, Al Macy pulls it back to the straight and narrow. He strikes the right blend between the silly and the sensible. The story rotates among subplots showing how individuals cope with the disaster of losing five billion people and how world leaders strategize ways to defend the planet. Great minds and pragmatists are thrust into desperate roles as two threats, one overtly and insanely hostile, and the other aloof but menacing, push the human race to the brink of destruction. Contact Us is a multi-faceted tale well worth a read.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Aliens Have Arrived

Alien Affairs, the story of one woman's struggle to talk an alien out of destroying the human race, is finally live at Amazon's Kindle Store.

I never thought I'd write a science fiction story, but after a visit to the Roswell UFO Museum a few years ago, I had a curious thought: What if it were true?  What could be so terrible that the secret had to be kept even from presidents?  Now is your chance to find the answer.

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In celebration of the release of Alien Affairs, Golden State Blues is now only $2.99 as well.  It's the drinking man's guide to saving California from the multitude of its sins.

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That's a lie.  The print edition of Alien Affairs is  coming soon.

Thanks in advance for all the reviews.