Monday, June 24, 2013


Grey Tide in the East brilliantly depicts how the whim of an Emperor could easily change one detail of history resulting in global consequences. Andrew J. Heller meticulously and intelligently describes the likely outcome of World War I had Kaiser Wilhelm II decided not to attack France through Belgium. This well researched tweaking of true events reads plausibly and convincingly, and examines the ramifications of that single, possible, alteration of fact from a worldwide perspective.

This book will appeal to all who are fond of history, alternative history, historical fiction and the Great War. The story craves a sequel.

54,865 Words
Price $6.95 

Personally, for 54K words I think seven bucks is overpriced, but you know about my miserly ways.  Still, I paid it and enjoyed every penny of it.

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As I always do, I kept a list of possible typos and formatting errors.  There were only twelve which is less than average for either self-published or traditionally published books.  However, I am unable to find a way to contact Andrew J. Heller to share it with him so that he may improve his product.  If anyone knows how to find him, please ask him to contact me with an email address if he would like to receive the list.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Follow-up on previous post

Recently I published a statistical analysis of the incidence of typos, grammatical and factual errors in self-published versus traditionally published books.  Scroll down if you missed it.  Of course you missed it, scroll down and look at it.  I just finished another traditionally published book by a best selling author having 340 pages according to my Nook.  In it were five errors that my eye caught.  I'm not passing judgment, I'm just keeping you up to date.

On a lighter note, I have posted, or will in a few minutes, pictures to my Wildlife Slideshow that definitively answer the question of what the bear did in the woods.  It will be at the end and you can find it here:  Slideshow

"Hmm, pizza!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Face of the Angel Live at Smashwords and Amazon

The story of Josef Mengele's forty year sojourn in South America is now live at Smashwords and Amazon, and it has its own page at Scott  Follow that link to read another blurb, and if it piques your interest, click on the oval buttons to download it from your favorite retailer.

Or if you're impatient:

Face of the Angel at Smashwords

Face of the Angel at Amazon

Still only $2.99

Comment from a fan:

I got carried away and finished your new book this morning. 
Very Good!!
I will be recommending it.
What motivated you to choose such a difficult subject?

Larry Scheetz

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Release: Face of the Angel

For those of you who have been holding your breath, my new release about the life of Doctor Josef Mengele in South America will be live at Smashwords and Amazon within hours.
Doctor Josef Mengele selected thousands for the gas chambers on the platform of the train station at the Auschwitz death camp.  The survivors called him the Angel of Death.  He was brilliant, urbane and charming, and he performed vivisection on the prisoners he spared from the Zyklon B.  Then he spent forty years being hunted.

Although once in the hands of the U. S. Army, Mengele was never charged with war crimes.  He moved about with the help of dozens of people, sometime unwittingly though often knowing full well who he was, and he evaded the scores of professional Nazi hunters and spies for forty years even though his wife's name was in the phone book.  The stories told about him by Simon Wiesenthal and the other pursuers grew in proportion to the years that they searched for him as did his fear and sense of isolation as well as the price on his head.

Now, read the facts and the fantasies surrounding the Angel of Death in South America.

I began collecting material on Mengele in 1985 when his grave was discovered in Brazil.  The circus surrounding his exhumation and the flood of information suddenly flowing from the people who harbored him was surreal.  Since then much has been revealed about how he passed his time in hiding virtually under the noses of those who wanted so badly to hang him.

Face of the Angel is a fictionalized version of the truth that retains the more bizarre rumors of his life in South America that have been discounted by at least some of the researchers.  It is, after all, a story, one that I hope you will find both informative and entertaining.

I must thank Hurricane Sandy Skipper for that rather striking cover art.  I'd also like to thank Lyn Alexander, author of The Officer's Code, and Nikola Vukoja for ironing a few wrinkles in the manuscript.  If you discover any typos, especially missing words, please be kind and inform me so I may correct them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guest Appearances

Two kind souls have featured me on their excellent blogs within the last few days but I've been too preoccupied to announce it.  "Preoccupied?" You say.  Yes, my good wife, fondly known as Hurricane Sandy, is remodeling the dining room.  She wanted the Mexican pavers there and in the kitchen refinished and got an estimate of four dollars a square foot.  The rustic tiles are only worth a dollar twenty a foot, so the macho miser in me insisted on doing it.  After acquiring all the requisite caustic and toxic chemicals, and experimenting with brushes, steel wool and a grinder, I determined that heavy equipment was in order.  The guy who rented the ninety-pound floor buffer negligently failed to warn me of its life-threatening propensities.  The first time I pulled the trigger it threw me in a full circle.  I spent the next six hours being slammed into the walls and appliances while slipping on the poisonous chemicals.

Emerging aching and bruised, I now have a moment to brag.  Clancy Tucker, Australian blogger extraordinaire, interviewed me on May 29th—he's somewhere over the dateline, so it was the 28th here.  This is the link if you would care to have a look:

Clancy is a daily blogger.  Look at some of his other posts.  Many are quite worthwhile.

A few days later, Imogen Knight, the author of the Reiki Circle series hosted me on her lovely blog and without a net.  She will probably regret not structuring my ramblings.  Anyway, here's what I said about collecting source material:

In the morning I must scuttle about on hands and aged knees applying the sealer to the damned tiles.  Standby for updates.