Friday, November 23, 2012


For those of you who were waiting on pins and needles, my new author's website is live at:

I hope you agree that it is an improvement over the dinosaur that I had been using.  I even had the courage to use an honest picture of myself this time.

This blog will, as before, be used almost exclusively for reviews of self published books.  I just don't have much else to say that you would find interesting.  Besides, the self publishing industry needs all the exposure we can get.

The thirty-some reviews from my old blog are now embedded in the new site.

The nifty wildlife photos from our yard are still available via a link on the Bio/Blog page.  Our favorite bear has been back, so I'll be uploading some new ones.

For my next media miracle I will attempt a book trailer for The Hundred Years Farce.  Standby.

A Masterful Piece of Work

The War Widow is the story of the Nuremburg trails so one wouldn't expect the ending to be a surprise, but it is.  Mr. Durham has woven multiple threads of intrigue into his finely executed version of a familiar piece of history.  His knowledge and expression of military life propels the reader right into the scene and the character development is top notch from his handling of Herrmann Goering to the despicable Colonel Gaffner.  The reader feels as though he's known these people all his life.  The prose is compelling, the pace brisk and, as I said, the ending jerks the rug out from under you.

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