Friday, November 23, 2012


For those of you who were waiting on pins and needles, my new author's website is live at:

I hope you agree that it is an improvement over the dinosaur that I had been using.  I even had the courage to use an honest picture of myself this time.

This blog will, as before, be used almost exclusively for reviews of self published books.  I just don't have much else to say that you would find interesting.  Besides, the self publishing industry needs all the exposure we can get.

The thirty-some reviews from my old blog are now embedded in the new site.

The nifty wildlife photos from our yard are still available via a link on the Bio/Blog page.  Our favorite bear has been back, so I'll be uploading some new ones.

For my next media miracle I will attempt a book trailer for The Hundred Years Farce.  Standby.

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