Monday, October 21, 2013

Angels in the Darkness

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Angels in the Darkness is a stunning achievement resulting from felicitous access to remarkable primary source material.  This is the memoir of a woman who was ten years old in 1939 and living in Berlin.  The Bolle family was wealthy, well-known and respected, living in the prestigious suburb of Dahlem from whence Jewish families began to flee after the Kristallnacht, and into those derelict houses first came high-ranking Nazis, and later American officers.  Jutta Bolle went to school with Himmler’s daughter and Field Marshall Keitel lived around the corner!

The insight Jutta shares about the family’s fear of the Nazis, the terror of the bombing and the arrival of the Russians is both warm and chilling.  Her voice is real and carries the reader right into the events that she witnessed with her description of daily life in wartime Germany.  She is both engaging and appealing, and her narrative strips bare many popularly held ideas of this formative period of human disaster.  Lisa Farringer Parker’s masterpiece will engross history buffs, war story aficionados, and human-interest fans equally.  It’s an unforgettable read!

254720 words (rather long but never slow)
$9.99 (a little pricy but you won't regret it)

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