Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eight Days in August by Dana George

Annie Logan didn’t belong in the makeshift Union jail.  When they razed the building she fell unconscious to the street, potentially into the hands of rapacious soldiers.  Despite her peril, Annie is initially annoyed at being rescued by a shady pair of locals, Duncan and Tom.  Duncan is good-hearted, compassionate and married to a suspicious shrew.  Tom is disagreeable, cranky and nominated to give Annie a place of refuge until she can find her way home to the father Tom considers to be a dangerous enemy.  The story unfolds against the backdrop of atrocities perpetrated by both Union and Confederate militias on the civilian population of divided Kansas.  Spies, turncoats and despots who wreak havoc on the countryside overrun the state.  Annie’s plight is complicated by her father’s partisanship, her rescuers’ duplicitous natures and devotion to a mountainous woman who is Tom’s childhood friend.

Eight Days in August by Dana George is a classic Clint Eastwood style western interwoven with the complicated loyalties bred of the Civil War.  It offers the reader action, intrigue, romance and history.  The depth of Mrs. George’s characters draws the reader into a story that moves with an excellent pace toward a timeless and satisfying resolution.  The broad appeal of this book defies categorization.  Anyone looking for good, solid entertainment is going to enjoy Eight Days in August.

78,930 words
Price: $.99  (Well, worth a buck!)

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