Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The English General by Lyn Alexander

Erich von Schellendorf, English born General in the German
Army, is conflicted in 1939.  Estranged
from his deeply troubled, baroness wife, immovably devoted to duty, filled with
hatred for Hitler and blackmailed by British Intelligence, he finds himself
smitten by a visiting Englishwoman.  In
the last days before the outbreak of war their impetuous affair is broadcast
across Berlin and to Heidelberg, his wife’s ancestral home, and does not escape
the attention of the SS.  When they are
inevitably separated by the war, Erich must lose himself in the enormity of the
quartermaster’s task of keeping the Wehrmacht supplied, all the while scheming
with the “Valkyrie” conspirators to kill Hitler and attempting to shorten the
war by providing intelligence to MI6 knowing that at any time the Gestapo might
put a bullet in his head.

Lyn Alexander’s third installment in the von Schellendorf
series is a pinnacle of complexity, tension, realism and emotion.  Her fortuitous background has given her
unique insight into wartime Germany and she displays it with masterly
skill.  The English General is the story
of one man’s tragedy told in the landscape of the most destructive war
humankind has inflicted upon itself.  It
is the tale of how a professional soldier battled to retain his sanity, and
indeed his life, in the midst of a world gone mad.  The depth of the bind into which Lyn
Alexander has placed her character is only rivaled by her astounding attention
to historical detail.  This is historical
fiction at its very best.

The English General is not available as a ebook as of March 2014.  You can find it at Barnes & Noble and Lyn tells me it will be available soon at Createspace.

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