Sunday, May 10, 2015

Still Read Paperbacks?

I have been remiss.  I forget to tell you that Alien Affairs is now available in paperback from Createspace.  Unfortunately paper is a lot more expensive than kilobytes.  Nevertheless, if that's your thing, click this link.

Buy at Createspace 

If you buy it from Amazon the price is the same but I get a much smaller cut.  Amazon owns Createspace so figure that out.

Here is another five star review by British writer, Theresa Dawn Sinclair.  Thanks, Dawn.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant! Highly recommended!!
27 April 2015

By theresa dawn sinclair
Verified Purchase

Alien Affairs is not the first Scott Skipper book I
have read but it is definitely my favourite. From the beginning, I was
intrigued as to the direction in which Scott would take the Roswell story,
having read other stories that mentioned the place and having watched the
entire series of Roswell on TV. Let me make it quite clear, THIS one is
different. ALIEN AFFAIRS is sci-fi at its best. There is enough techno info to
make it believable and plenty of down-home incredulity from the characters to
make it credible.

Without wishing to spoil anything, the developing
relationship between our heroine Carrie and a character called Deshler is as
romantic as it is unusual. They have a magical spark missing in so many
in-your-face romances despite the fact that from beginning to end she calls him
names like "deceptive bastard". The rest of the characters provide
much amusement, especially the never seen, never named president of the USA.

It is rare for me to say "I couldn't put this
down" because, for one thing, in general I read books in less time than it
takes most people to read a comic. However, this time, I have to say, I
genuinely did not want to stop page turning and just knew the end would be
brilliant. It is. Stick with it however long it takes you....the ending is a

Couldn't recommend this higher. It's different, it's



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