Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Plum Job

She’s a natural.  Louise Wellesley, AKA Plum, is beautiful, brilliant and the Renaissance woman in pre-war England.  Her native-born acting ability lures her to the stage to the horror of her straight-laced father, but her determination triumphs, and she draws the attention of an agent—in fact a secret agent.  With war looming, Louise assumes the role of Juliette Beauchamp with the Folies Bergère in Paris while waiting for the password that will activate her as an agent for the Secret Intelligence Service.  When the Nazis invade Paris, two cousins, one a Wehrmacht tank commander and the other a Gestapo officer, clash over the ravishing actress.  One yearns to make love to her, and the other to kill her.

Cenarth Fox tells his story with prose that carries the reader along its fluid course—often with a wry dose of humor.  A Plum Job is a tale of two lives, one the life of a cheeky English schoolgirl, the other a bold and independent young woman who bares her breasts on stage in Paris and outwits the Gestapo.  The scenes are exquisitely set and the characters fully fledged.  For the fan of historical fiction, A Plum Job is required reading.

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