Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stellar Depravity

UnpronounceableUnpronounceable by Susan diRende
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Rose Delancy is a loser from New Jersey. She tells us this herself. When the human race made contact with an alien species, but can’t find a suitable candidate to be our ambassador, Rose puts her name into a lottery in the hope of getting a thousand lightyears away from her older sister, Alice. After the blob-like aliens reject a dozen or so diplomates, they take a liking to Rose. To her credit she decides to spare the planet with the unpronounceable name from the all defiling human race who want to stash nuclear weapons on Unpronounceable to avoid compliance with an arms ban treaty. Her plan is to turn Unpronounceable into a spa for the ultra-rich so the power brokers on Earth will protect it from being overrun.

Unpronounceable is irreverent, quirky, twisted and depraved. Susan diRende tells Rose’s tale in raw Jersey dialect, which is occasionally difficult for a non-Jersey speaker to follow. This is a story that is not only about contact with bizarre alien beings, but dysfunctional human families and corrupt earthly politicians. If you take a pinch of Scott Adams, add a touch of Tom Robbins and get the late Gilda Radner to play Rose, you might have an idea what Unpronounceable is all about.

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