Thursday, July 6, 2017

Long Time No Posts

I'm reading a very, very long book about the pioneers of rocketry, which I will review by and by. In the meantime, I didn't want you to think I'd quit reading. In fact I read a pre-release book for an Australian author, Cenarth Fox. I believe that's his real name--cool huh? His book is called Tricky Conscience, and it doesn't have a cover image yet, so I thought I'd plug A Little Rebellion, which, in my opinion, is my best effort and is half price for the month of July at Smashwords.

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Now, here is my review of Tricky Conscience by Cenarth Fox.
When I hear that it has been released, I'll remind you.

Why can’t people do the right thing? Bernie’s idealism gave him a brainstorm. If he could concoct pharmaceuticals to ease the torment of mental illness, why couldn’t he formulate one to give wrongdoers a bad case of conscience? Well, he did just that, but the world that beat a path to his door did not bring accolades. A crooked—that is typical—politician, assorted drug lords, and a greedy employer are determined to squelch, steal, or exploit Bernie’s formula. He is ill equipped to defend himself from the various menaces, and would most likely succumb but for a quartet of old ladies with a surprising capacity for mayhem.

Tricky Conscience has an Australian accent, which was an education for a Californian reader. Cenarth Fox’s foray into the realm of humor is a departure from his earlier work, and it shows a breadth of skill. The characters are well formed, if sometimes hapless. However, Mr. Fox does great villains. The prose is, how shall I say it, invigorating? Maybe athletic. So, take a walk on the down under side. It’s good for a laugh.

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