Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Triumph

A beautiful Texas oil heiress, a Spanish Duke, an inconvenient relationship, the emotional damage of the Civil War; Invisible Scars weaves a spellbinding web of binds and double binds, loss, redemption, fabulous wealth and anarchy.  America Harvey makes a big mistake by marrying her childhood sweetheart, the result of which is the loss of her only child.  She flees with her despair all the way to the south of Spain where she and el Duque del Castillo de Tarifa fall irreconcilably in love despite his wife, eight children and unwavering, divorce forbidding Catholicism.  This is the story of a remarkable heroine who endures adversity, is left bereft and ultimately triumphs.

The story is complex and encompasses the time from the Spanish Civil War to the post-Franco era.  Besides being a love story and a war story, it offers a window into Spanish culture, going as far as to present the dialogue with the idiomatic flavor of the Spanish language.  Burt Boyer had intimate access to Spanish nobility and he comes to this extraordinary piece of work with impeccable credentials.  Invisible Scars is a brilliantly conceived and executed tale of epic proportions.

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