Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Officer's Code Lyn Alexander

Driven from his country by an overbearing father, an English schoolboy falls in love with the willful daughter of a Prussian Baron.  To ingratiate himself with the Baron, Eric renounces his name in favor of his German mother's maiden name and enlists in the cavalry expecting a five-year hitch.  Unfortunately for Erich, his five years started in 1913.

"The Officer's Code" may be the most intimate account of the Great War since "All Quiet on the Western Front".  Lyn Alexander's depth of research and intimate knowledge of all things German breathes uncanny realism into an artfully conceived piece of historical fiction with plenty of tension and plot twists.  The story of the metamorphosis of Eric Foster, unwilling English law student, into Erich Bronsart von Schellendorf, Prussian cavalry officer, is an achievement of near epic proportions.  The meticulous detail shown of German life and German military life transports the reader into the wartime Heidelberg of Prussian nobility just as the account of the war puts us starkly into the trenches.  The Officer's Code is nothing short of brilliant.

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