Monday, June 24, 2013


Grey Tide in the East brilliantly depicts how the whim of an Emperor could easily change one detail of history resulting in global consequences. Andrew J. Heller meticulously and intelligently describes the likely outcome of World War I had Kaiser Wilhelm II decided not to attack France through Belgium. This well researched tweaking of true events reads plausibly and convincingly, and examines the ramifications of that single, possible, alteration of fact from a worldwide perspective.

This book will appeal to all who are fond of history, alternative history, historical fiction and the Great War. The story craves a sequel.

54,865 Words
Price $6.95 

Personally, for 54K words I think seven bucks is overpriced, but you know about my miserly ways.  Still, I paid it and enjoyed every penny of it.

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As I always do, I kept a list of possible typos and formatting errors.  There were only twelve which is less than average for either self-published or traditionally published books.  However, I am unable to find a way to contact Andrew J. Heller to share it with him so that he may improve his product.  If anyone knows how to find him, please ask him to contact me with an email address if he would like to receive the list.

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