Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hitler's Children

When Carlos the Jackal joins forces with the Red Army Faction (RAF) with the intention of toppling the West German government, Inspector Rainer Lombach of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force is stretched to the  breaking point.  He is forced to deal with two murders, a high profile kidnapping and a hijacked airliner while balancing reconciliation with his estranged wife.  Then Carlos and his multinational gang plot the coup de grĂ¢ce.

Hitler’s Children is a true to life tale of terrorist activities in Europe during the seventies.  The realism of Ralph Young’s story shows tremendous depth of knowledge of the topic and the setting.  The characters and the plot are richly developed making this is a first class detective story.  The prose is excellent and flows beautifully, there is however, just too much of it.  My personal taste tends toward fast-paced fiction and there were times when I became impatient reading details that I believe were not necessary to advance the story.  Those who love to be drawn into the scene by intimate description will be delighted with the sumptuous minutiae.  Hitler’s Children is a very interesting read no matter your pace preference.

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