Saturday, February 28, 2015

But You Can't Hide

Louise, Sarah and Katherine, how many girls were there?  Private detective, Fin, short for Finley, took a job to find Louise.  His only clues were a photograph, a woman’s name and a general area, but a pro can work with little or nothing.  Fin located Katherine—who bore a strong resemblance to Louise—attending school at Kent where his girlfriend’s nephew, Stan, also studied.  Stan agrees to ask Katherine, or Kat as she prefers, on a date to try to get Fin some answers to his questions, but as might be expected, he gets romantically involved.  Now, enter the bad guys—and they are really bad.  Murphy works as a leg breaker for Brice, the loan shark.  He grabs Fin and beats enough information from him to also nab Kat and Stan.  Then things start to really unravel and little by little we learn the dark secrets of Louise, Sarah and Katherine.

Jaqueline Chandler drags her characters through Hell and back.  The action scenes of But You Can’t Hide have enough grit and intensity to raise welts on the reader as much as bruises on the characters.  The twists of misfortune are relentless as is the complexity of the plot.  The reader is led down a disorienting gallery of blind alleys only to emerge as in the dark as before.  This story has it all: suspense, action, pace, strong characters and depth of plot.  Once you start reading But You Can’t Hide you won’t stop.

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