Saturday, March 7, 2015


Last year I wrote about hummingbirds and announced that we fed the little buzzards 195 pounds of sugar (less maybe a pound that a thieving bear slurped).  In 2014 the hummers broke that record.  We dissolved 205 pounds of sugar for them.  As I write this, they are beginning to return from their sojourn south of the border 
and are lapping over three cups of hummer juice a day.

But that's not all they are doing.
Take a look at these.

Look at the little guy's eyeballs

 They are about a week old

 She's making them beg

 She gave in

Greedy little suckers

Did you know they make their nest out of spider webs?

In anticipation of growing appetites, I just stashed fifty pounds of sugar in big jars and canisters.

All photos by Hurricane Sandy Skipper
Photographer Extraordinaire

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