Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ripples Through TimeRipples Through Time by Lincoln Cole

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Calvin’s devotion to Emily bordered on codependent. When Emily died, he found no reason to continue living. At eighty-five, or was it eighty-one, he felt no stigma attached to visiting her grave and then joining her in a better place, but first he called his daughter to say goodbye. He said it in less than uncertain terms, which triggered Bethany, not to rush to his side, but to call her brother-in-law to ask him to do a welfare check. Edward liked the much older Calvin and gladly complied. This led him into a desultory visitation through the past and a firm refusal to drive Calvin to the cemetery. The old man’s response was the revelation of Edward’s darkest held secret.

Ripples Through Time is the reliving of a lifetime through family vignettes told in the course of one profound morning. The flashbacks are related in random order, in various voices, and from various viewpoints. This, although artfully done, is a challenge to reader to keep in mind who is narrating. The several characters, who tell their stories, sometimes in first person, sometimes in third, are fully developed and not lacking in individuality. If not conventionally written, Lincoln Cole has found a fascinating method to weave his tale. The conflict of threatened suicide contrasted to hopelessness at the end of life is artfully laid onto the pages. Ripples Through Time is a poignant story that probes depths that are resident in every family. It is a book I recommend without reservation for everyone, especially the loyal members of the Rave Review Book Club.

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