Thursday, May 11, 2017

When Pomona Was A Nice Place

Family Forever: In The Beginning (Family Forever-In The Beginning Book 1)Family Forever: In The Beginning by Tamara Miller

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Twin girls coming of age in the fifties in Pomona, California, were all about boys with cars, drive-in restaurants, drive-in theaters, and school dances. Emma and Jani came to be born in Pomona because their grandmother fled a small town in Iowa with her alcoholic husband to make a fresh start in the land of opportunity. That didn’t really work out as planned and Jake met an unfortunate end. Fast forward several years and two teenage girls are doing their best to give their parents ulcers.

In the Beginning is the first volume of Tami Miller’s Family Forever series, a candid family history told in the form of a novel. It is a beautifully written tale with an excellent pace and is nothing like reading someone’s genealogy. This is a real story with real characters that are fully developed. The settings are genuine. The reader enters them and looks around at the way things used to be. Family Forever, In the Beginning is a wonderfully nostalgic trip.

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