Monday, January 28, 2013

Obsession for Vengeance JT Kalnay

JT Kalnay is such a romantic guy that in one of his books even dead people fell in love.  Imagine my surprise to find that he wrote a book about pure evil!  Meet Hank Adams, perfect psychopath.  He is a serial rapist, mass murderer, computer hacker and domestic terrorist.  With his partner, Elsa—big breasted blond nymphomaniac—he commits a series of terrorist attacks that are eerily prognostic of the 9/11 attack.  Obsession for Vengeance was written in the early nineties, but describes more than one event similar to things that actually happened in the years between then and now.  The depth of JT's military knowledge lends credibility to this tale of one maniac's obsession for vengeance against society and a woman.  It also serves to demonstrate some rather gaping flaws in our military and political thinking.  If you like a little apocalypse now and then, Obsession for Vengeance is a sure bet.

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71612 words.
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