Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something Completely Different

I have always been fond of trivia and have a small archive of it.  For a change and perhaps a chuckle, I've decided to punctuate my eBook reviews with a little trivia.  Here is my first offering.

This one is filed under: History, pre-Columbian:

The Mayan archeological zone at Uxmal in the state of Yucatán has a curious little area of repose from the blistering sun.  It is a shady garden of phalluses.
Perhaps in the spirit of one-upmanship, a couple hundred kilometers away at the well known—now totally ruined by touristic development—archeological zone of Chichén Itzá there is a building that casual tourists never see.  It lies, choked with weeds, about a kilometer beyond the building known as the Nunnery near the Observatory.  If it were known at all, it would be infamously known for having gargoyles in the form of penises.
Those pre-Columbian funsters!

Finally, just so you can feel like you got your money's worth, did you know no water flows above ground on the entire Yucatán Peninsula?

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