Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Steal an Election by Larry Winebrenner

Terrific characters—they are reminiscent of characters created by the great Robert Heinlein.  "To Steal an Election" is a twisted tale of shifting loyalties, ambiguous loyalties and no loyalties at all.  The unlikely hero is a one-legged Christian Marine commando with a weakness for women and the uncanny ability to escape from hopeless predicaments—usually with the loss of yet another prosthesis.  The action flows around the Carolinas as the conspirators apply all the firepower of the U.S. military in the furtherance of their plans to subvert the presidential election.  Our amputee can't be certain who to trust, so he gathers a team from the only reliable source available, his offspring.  That's when the action really gets a boost.

I will classify "To Steal an Election" as a very good book, however, it does have some pace issues.  There are places where the action lags and some descriptive passages indulge in more detail than we need.  I have corresponded with the author and believe that future editions will be tighter, but don't wait.  You can fast forward through the Southern cooking and recipes without losing the plot.  That aside, it is a cleverly constructed story with plenty of excitement.

Price: $8.99 (Tad on the pricey side.)

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