Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alone Where the River Burns

A loner, not good in relationships, has his life complicated by larger than life events completely beyond his control.  He retreats to the derelict confluence of the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie in the heart of decaying Cleveland.  There he insulates himself for eighteen years until the world begins to creep into his rustbelt fortress.  The Flats is a story of wrestling with demons both internal and external and how one engaging survivalist deals with them.  Written in a bold, multi-viewpoint style, The Flats jumps off the starting line and never looks back.  This may be JT Kalnay's best to date and that is a pretty big statement.

Having lived my first seventeen years in Akron, Ohio, makes me way too familiar with the setting of this story.  That did, of course, add to my enjoyment of this book, as did my escapist nature.  I can strongly relate to the protagonist who turns his blighted center-city property into an island.

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