Friday, April 11, 2014

Live at Smashwords

Two men walked into a bar. 

They decided to save the state of California and they almost succeeded.

A king maker in the little town of Claremont decided to solve all the state’s problems, so he took a hardcore Republican, dressed him in Democrat’s clothes and got him elected governor of California, all the while pulling his puppet’s strings from a barstool.  Things start to improve quickly especially after the legislature went on strike leaving Governor Jim’s hands unfettered.  The National Guard did a great job of implementing the governor’s plan until the president can’t take it any longer and tries to have him assassinated.  Then there is that little surprise from Jim’s checkered past that he could have never seen coming.  Golden State Blues is a riotous and outrageous spoof on the sorry state of the Golden State.

71,000 words

Price $4.99

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