Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did I Say This?

I'm not sure that Mark Nesbitt wants to be compared to me or even mentioned in the same sentence, but I found it fascinating to compare another take on the theme of how could the Confederacy have won the Civil War and the ramifications for future developments.

If the South won Gettysburg
is a fascinating tale in three parts.  It begins as a meticulous retelling of the beginning of the battle then turns into a highly plausible description of how events might have developed had Lee listened to Longstreet’s suggestion of a flanking maneuver.  The resulting invented troop movements and skirmishes read like truth.  The outcome as told by Mark Nesbitt appears to be precisely how things would have been if one decision by Lee were taken differently.

The third part of the story is a rapid narration of subsequent worldwide reaction to a Confederate victory.  All speculation feels reasonable and logical.  This is the type of cerebral exercise that history enthusiasts will find intriguing and amusing.  Plus, there is a message that twenty-first century readers would be remiss to ignore.

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