Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Entering the Brave New World

For those of you who have been hovering your mouse over those “Buy Now” buttons back at while grumbling, “This joker isn’t worth investing in an eReader,” vacillate no more.  Soon you will be able to navigate to the Createspace Store, click a button and an agent of the United States government will deliver Face of the Angel  in hard copy to a mailbox near you.  That is, if you reside in the US.  Outside the domain of the US Postal Service it may be the Mossad that brings it to you.  We’ll have to see.

I hope that everyone appreciates the sacrifice that I am making in this endeavor.  Formatting a book for print is a lot tougher than formatting an eBook.  The Createspace software and I have been jousting for many days but I am confident that the end is in sight.  Soon trees will fall to surrender their pulp for these venerable pages.  Well, there is still the ‘Proof a Physical Copy’ stage, so standby, but don’t hold your breath.

Doctor Josef Mengele selected thousands for the gas chambers on the platform of the train station at the Auschwitz death camp.  The survivors called him the Angel of Death.  He was brilliant, urbane and charming, and he performed vivisection on the prisoners he spared from the Zyklon B.  Then he spent forty years being hunted.
Although at one time he was in the hands of the U. S. Army, Mengele was never charged with war crimes.  He moved about with the help of dozens of people, sometime unwittingly, though often knowing full well who he was.  He evaded scores of professional Nazi hunters and spies for forty years even though his wife's name was in the Buenos Aires phone book.  The stories told about him by the Simon Wiesenthal and the other pursuers grew in proportion to the years that they searched for him as did his fear and sense of isolation as well as the price on his head.

Still available as an eBook from your favorite retailers

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